Here are some of my favorite videos… both good and bad:


John Doe and me on someone’s iphone:

I can’t post my official “I Kissed a Girl” video as ridiculous Time Warner will not allow. But…I can post the Ukrainian -dubbed version of when it was on Beevis and Butthead:

Jill Sobule/Don Was Dance Party! Live at  the Furniture Outlet!

At TEDMED 2009 with… Herbie Hancock. We did not rehearse , so I tried to play towards him so he could see my hands for the chords. Then, I remembered the song has like 4 idiot chords, and he is friggin genius Herbie Hancock:

The Bear Song. I am lead singer of the legendary band…Pixie Herculon. This song , with Margaret Cho, is an homage to the Bear Community. We have yet to write another song.

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