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It’s been a bad-news month. But at least one story and revelation brought a smidgen of much needed joy…shrooms may be good for you! From a respectable, The Atlantic “A pair of randomized, blinded studies published Thursday in The Journal of Psychopharmacology provide the most robust evidence to date that a single dose of psilocybin can provide relief from the anxiety and gloom associated with cancer for at least six months.” I... Read More

The “Jill Drive”

   THE JILL DRIVE I was a little late in getting this together for the holidays, but here is really swell idea for someone who really likes, or potentially likes, my music. It includes all my records, rare songs, bootlegs, b-sides, and stuff that I have been too unsure or embarrassed to put out.  Plus, the flash drive has a lot more extra space for a bunch of other songs or whatever you have always wanted preserved in a bottle. I know $50... Read More

Old Song of the Day – Sold My Soul (and nothing happened)

                                           SOLD MY SOUL   I feel like an outline Where the middle part is missing And the moonlight is kissing The details away   I feel like a cliffnote To a novel no one can read And I feel like such a phony Like I got ‘em all deceived   And I feel like a punch line Nobody gets I bet that you’re laughing And shaking... Read More

The Jill & Julia Show (with song) and…The Jill & John Doe Show (with video) and More

This week, I’m off to Grand Marais (for Mountain Stage), Seattle, and Portland this week for… The Jill and Julia Show. I was just looking for a video to put up of us, and found the end-credit song to Julia’s Fabulous “Letting Go of God” Movie. We wrote the song together and recorded it in the B-room of Henson studios – same place where Joni recorded “Blue”, Carole did “Tapestry”, and…where Bruce’s veins were popping singing... Read More

Pictures from the festival

Here are pictures of the festival in Michigan, as well as the scary hotel they put me up at. I modified a few to make holiday greeting cards for you.  Here was the prop for the Madonna cover. It was a combo Mel Gibson’s Passion and  1970s woman’s lib Joan of Arc.   Amazing musicians and performers, including Vicki Randle,Laura Love, Julie Wolf, Betty, etc.. Now there has been controversy over the last few years with the transgender... Read More

An iphone painting I did of my dress…

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Our beautiful Times Square leads

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Robin and Me at a Times Square rehearsal…

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What my guitar is looking like these days…

 MY GEAR: Vagabond Travel Guitar & Swollen Pickle  Read More

Playing Bobbie Gentry with Hot Tuna

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