A collaboration among Jill Sobule & Robin Eaton (Music), playwrights Leah Napolin & Isaac Bashevis Singer (Words), and directed by Shirley Serotsky. 


Featuring Shayna Blass, Aaron Bliden, Joe Brack, Michael Kevin Darnall, Judith Ingber, Brandon McCoy, Amy McWilliams, Sasha Olinick, Shane O’Loughlin, Shanta Parasuraman, Jesse Terrill, Sara Dabney Tisdale and Lindsay Elizabeth Williams.

As a girl in 19th Century Eastern Europe, Yentl is forbidden to pursue her dream of studying Talmud. Unwilling to accept her fate, she disguises herself as a man. But when she falls in love, Yentl must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her identity. Invigorated with a bracing klezmer/pop/rock score from Jill Sobule (the original “I Kissed a Girl,” “Supermodel”), Yentl asks up-to-the-minute questions about gender and sexuality.

Yentl offers sweetness and laughter with a modern twist” – Sarasota Herald Tribune

FIRST LISTEN: New Staging Of ‘Yentl’ Tells A Transgender StoryAll Things Considered, NPR, Feb 5, 2012



A collaboration among Jill (Music), playwright Elise Thoron (Words), and artist KellyAnne Hanrahan (Comic Book). 

” Set in Australia, a fierce young woman fears her treatment for depression is taking away her dream life. Shattered by her mother’s suicide, Sara renames herself “Prozak” and rages through her songwriting, much to the bewilderment of her father, Arvin, a research scientist studying REM sleep, who tries to apply rationality to both her pain and his own.

Prozak finds an unexpected confidante and inspiration in Arvin’s latest lab subject, a jaunty platypus, who also yearns to dream. Music club and science lab become testing grounds in which angry teen and scientist father pit aboriginal mythology against modern neuroscience research. The dreams of a platypus prove to be the link between the two. “


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