On this page, we feature an ever-rotating selection of unreleased material, live recordings, thematically-related songs, and so on. Here’s what we have for you this time (I take suggestions too):



from Underdog Victorious. I always wanted to write a sympathetic song from the perspective of the “dumper”. It’s a tough one, but it had to be done.


Lucy at the Gym 

From Pink Pearl. Lucy was the anorexic at my gym. I wrote this worried when she didn’t show up at her scheduled time on the elliptical



Rainy Day Parade

 From Pink Pearl. Another song about drugs. With a Lulu kind of vibe.


Modern Drugs -live at Joe’s Pub 2012

I wrote this for a fancy medical conference filled with the heads of pharmaceutical companies. The song wonders how folks like Kafka, Edgar Allen Poe and God had been on meds.



Live from Joe’s Pub 2012 with my band, Dinah Shore Jr. I had not played this song in years.


Filthy Little Devils-

Live from Joe’s Pub 2012 with my band, Dinah Shore Jr. It’s from the upcoming musical, “Times Square”. I went overboard with the creepty guitar playing



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