Election Day is Here and so is Monster Protest Jamz Vol. 1

      I present to you, on this fine day of elections, MONSTER PROTEST JAMZ VOLUME 1! For those that have missed it, I have put together an amazing record of socially conscious numbers by some of my favorite artists (and friends). It took a little longer than expected, because we continued getting... Read More

Would You Have Hidden Me In Your Attic?


This song is from my Happy Town record. I forgot about it (as I do many songs from the back catalog), but was reminded as I read the last op-ed from Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times entitled, ” Would You Hide A Jew From the Nazis”. He told the story of an American woman named Martha Sharp who helped to smuggle Jews and anti-Nazi journalists out of Germany. He also made... Read More

The Kickstarter Video With My Mom That I Didn’t Use


A couple of years ago, I filmed a video of my mom playing mahjong while she explained to potential donors why they should donate “a lot” to her daughter.. I didn’t use it, as I was advised by the folks at Kickstarter that I needed to be the star of my video. Plus, I have been procrastinating and have yet started the campaign. I’m about to get back on it as... Read More

Rarities and Little Gems for Sale

                How about a Jetpack or Jill and John Doe T-shirt? How about the heavy metal ones with fake tour dates naming the most dangerous places on earth – including the Epcot Center?             After this batch is gone, they will be be among the most sought after rarities in the annals of Denver-born... Read More

“It was the 3rd of June” -The Ode to Bobbie Gentry


The Ode to Biily Joe on the Smothers Brothers “It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day” In 2009, I recorded a song called, “Where is Bobbie Gentry?”. My obsession has subsided maybe just a little bit, but whenever June 3rd rolls around, my mind goes all Southern Gothic. What exactly happened in and around the area of Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi,... Read More

Be Mine- and a song.


  http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/10-Bloody-Valentine1.mp3 Here’s “Bloody Valentine” off my “California Years” record. The night before the dreaded Valentine card exchange, I decided go ahead and give Robbie Naiman the biggest card from the Woolworth box. And he also was the only one to  have it scotch-taped with a candy heart... Read More

Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year


  Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/03-Christmas-Is-The-Saddest-Day-Of-The-Year.mp3   It took me until 2007 to make any major paper’s “top ten” music list. It wasn’t a proper “best of” but rather, even better…I made number ten in Entertainment Weekly’s list of “100 Christmas Bummers”! It was... Read More

When My Ship Comes in – in Treme with Bonerama, Wendell Pierce & Trombone Shorty


Here I am, onstage with Bonerama, Trombone Shorty and Wendell Pierce  for the season 3 finale of Treme. That is with, count them…six trombones! This might have been the most fun band that I have ever played with. What I dug, was that the music folk from the show did not want us to rehearse. They wanted it real with all the glaring mistakes and great energy – like you... Read More

Old Song of The Day -Houdini’s Box


            Houdini’s Box (from the record)  and Houdini’s Box (live from Central Park with Ethel) http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/05-Houdinis-Box.m4a http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Houdinis-Box-Live-Delacorte-Theater-Central-Park.mp3 I first recorded Houdini’s Box as a demo on a 4-track cassette... Read More

Sold My Soul LYRICS

Sold My Soul Lyrics: Robin Eaton, Jill Sobule   I feel like an outline Where the middle part is missing And the moonlight is kissing The details away I feel like a cliffnote To a novel no one can read And I feel like such a phony Like I got ’em all deceived And I feel like a punch line Nobody gets I bet that you’re laughing And shaking your head I sold... Read More



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