The Latest – duet with Jackson Browne, Jail Guitar Doors, shredding with Tom Morello, a couple new shows and way more


  Last night, I sang a duet with Jackson Browne. Yes, Jackson f#%king Browne! I’m telling everyone! The event was a benefit  for  Jail Guitar Doors. Then, we  joined Tom Morello, Ben Harper, and others for an encore of the MC5’s “Kick Out the Jams”. Jail Guitar Doors, founded by Billy Bragg and my pal Wayne Kramer, is an amazing organization that... Read More

My Goth Cockatoo phase…

Image 20

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My first instrument was the drums.


I wanted to marry Ringo Starr. Somehow my parents convinced me guitar was a much better instrument.  Read More

In the dorm…


    In the dorm, first year in college. I was probably singing Neil Young or a terrible self-written knock off of a Neil Young song… I had one of those Lorraine Newman perms. It destroyed my hair.    Read More

My wanting to match our kitchen phase.


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NYC June 2014


IMG_2092 Subway sign in Times Square, man with funny outfit on 7th Ave, Kara Walker’s sugar sculpture, girl with homemade “smash the patriarchy” homemade vest.    Read More

more bad iphone art

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.12.44 PM

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bad iphone art (ladies…)

Bi80PK3IYAEfHKc copy

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bad iphone art (meow)

photo 3-1

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more bad iphone art

photo 1

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