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It’s been a bad-news month. But at least one story and revelation brought a smidgen of much needed joy…shrooms may be good for you!

From a respectable, The Atlantic

“A pair of randomized, blinded studies published Thursday in The Journal of Psychopharmacology provide the most robust evidence to date that a single dose of psilocybin can provide relief from the anxiety and gloom associated with cancer for at least six months.”

I have never been much of a druggie. I tried everything, but I’m grateful nothing really took hold. I’m not much of a drinker, and despite being from Colorado, weed always made me paranoid – I always felt like I looked like Lon Chaney in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” for some reason.  However, I never had a bad time on mushrooms.

Here is a song reminiscing about a time in 9th grade (yes, 9th grade) at a park outside of Denver where the great “Battle of the Bands” was fought.

The last time I did mushrooms, years ago, I was tripping while touring  the Hearst Castle with a group of mostly senior citizens. I have been to castles all over Europe, and Disneyland, and this was by far my favorite castle experience. Maybe it’s time to partake again. There is something also wonderfully anti- modern life about them. How does one have time these days for a six-hour high?

More from “The Atlantic”

“The guides at Johns Hopkins told Vincent, “If you see something scary, open up and walk right in,” she said. Then, they gave her a dose of psilocybin inside a gelatin capsule and stood back.

Vincent describes her six-hour trip as “spectacularly gorgeous” and “beyond words.” She saw a sea of green and purple shapes, then a deep-space emptiness with a monolithic presence, similar to the Borg Collective from Star Trek. At one point, a series of Egyptian ships and Russian dolls paraded before her. As she laughed and wept, something popped out at her from the mental kaleidoscope: A small, creamy-white, animated crab.

“It’s Cancer the crab,” she thought later, referring to the zodiac sign. “It could have been a big, horrifying monster crab that was about to tear me up and eat me. But it wasn’t, it was comic relief. There is still humor in life, there’s still beauty in life.”

I may have to find those eight hours.

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