Would You Have Hidden Me In Your Attic?

This song is from my Happy Town record. I forgot about it (as I do many songs from the back catalog), but was reminded as I read the last op-ed from Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times entitled, ” Would You Hide A Jew From the Nazis”. He told the story of an American woman named Martha Sharp who helped to smuggle Jews and anti-Nazi journalists out of Germany. He also made parallels to the 1938 Evian Conference to this weeks UN gathering on the refugee crisis. When I... Read More

MSIMW – Only 4 Days Left!!!! HELP!

Hey all, My Song is My Weapon is winding down and there are only 4 DAYS LEFT for you to get some cool stuff for your support. Some are still a bit confused as to what MSIMW is all about. I shall try to clear that up for you now. Hey everyone. We’re getting down to the wire on My Song is My Weapon. There are only a few days left to be part of the Revolution! Well, you can stil Hey everyone. We’re getting down to the... Read More



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