2016 House Concerts

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Say, if you have ever dreamt of having an artist of “my caliber”, someone who looks and sounds like me, play in front of your couch or fireplace, here is your chance.

My schedule is kind of light. But now I’m finding myself a bit fidgety – I miss playing. I especially love playing a good house concert. They are relaxed, fun, and so very intimate. It’s like playing in someone’s living room, cause…it is someone’s living room. And there is usually a potluck where at least one crock-pot shows up.


in 2016 I’m going to be:

April 3rd – 10th West Coast
May 1st – Bay area
May 5th – 9th Minnesota
June – May take a vacation, may not. Thinking Europe house show!!
July 9 – 10 & 17-20 East Coast
August 1 – 10 West Coast
August 24 – 30th East Coast
September – The South and the neglected Mid-West.


So, how do I throw a house concert, Jill??

it’s pretty easy……

Step 1:

Think to yourself, “Gee, I sure would like to have Jill Sobule come play at my house, garden, garage, living room, roof (ok, maybe not the roof, unless it’s flat and has railings and is secure)


Look in the mirror and say “LET’S DO THIS”

Point Yellow:

Make sure it’s ok with you wife, husband,boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, boo, bae, mistress, parents, neighbors, etc. Whoever might be affected by a bunch of people and a musician coming over and making a possible mess and/or noise.


Email Jill@jillsobule.com

Step e:



There are no hard rules, but I would say there are two ways to host a show.

#1 is where you invite your friends and neighbors and charge an admission fee – like a real concert. Sometimes the hosts have even asked me to advertise it to other fans outside their own circle.

Folks really seem to like the whole potluck aspect of house concerts. Prepare yourself for covered dishes and brownies – there always seems to be an overabundance of brownies for some reason. It might get pretty wild and we can rock out with our crocks out!

The alternative to the admission fee, is to impress everyone and do it all on your own – kind of like when really really rich parents employ Drake to perform at their son’s bar mitzvah. Except, I am a lot less expensive, and I have no entourage.

LRC NevadaFellow HP

I have played house concerts to as little as twenty people and as much as a couple hundred. Depending on the space, I can usually and prefer to do it completely unplugged. If it is outdoors or it truly is for a large crowd, I suggest renting a small PA with a mic and mic stand. We can help you find one.

Adolph Menzel - Flotenkonzert Friedrichs des Groen in Sanssouci - Google Art Project

Sometimes, the hosts are musicians themselves and ask to be the opening act. I never mind. In fact, in my past experience, they have mostly been pretty good. However, there was that one time when I had to go on after an hour of classic Southern rock covers.

That’s pretty much it. Again, you can email me at Jill@jillsobule.com

We can discuss the fee and crock-pot recipes.



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