Holidays Newsletter

  Holiday House Concert Revolution  I’m taking the next few months off take stock, write, and pick fan artwork for the “Jill Comes Alive at Budokan or Leeds” live record – that’s just a working title. I deliberately made my touring schedule light so I could do that. But now I’m finding myself a bit fidgety – I miss playing. I especially love playing a good house concert.... Read More

Manhattan in January

It was 65 degrees in NY,NY today. Years ago, at the TED Conference, they asked me to come up with a last minute song about climate change. Al Gore was one of the speakers later in the day. And here is a studio version I did with the string quartet, Ethel  Read More

Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year

  Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year   It took me until 2007 to make any major paper’s “top ten” music list. It wasn’t a proper “best of” but rather, even better…I made number ten in Entertainment Weekly’s list of “100 Christmas Bummers”! It was a list of the most depressing holiday songs. Numero Uno was Judy Garland’s “Have Yourself a Merry... Read More

Merry Xmas from the Family -the video

In 1996, Atlantic Records asked me to record a Christmas themed song. I wrote and recorded “Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner”. The label did not think it was proper – this was before the “war on christmas” – so I had to come up with another, less…Hebrewish song. A friend introduced me to the amazing Robert Earl Keen song,”Merry Christmas to the Family”. I knew I couldn’t come up with anything better. The video was filmed at the video director’s best friend’s... Read More

Jesus Was A Dreidel Spinner (with Weird Al + Harry Shearer)

                         JESUS WAS A DREIDEL SPINNER     When I was on Atlantic records, they asked me to contribute to their Christmas compilation. I thought, I should write a Hanukkah song, since they are rare or really bad. Well, Atlantic seemed appalled by the song and refused to include it. Despite their obvious “war on Hanukah” the song has lived on to semi-acclaim. Every Christmas, Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap) and Judith Owen cover the song on... Read More


  I have the best “must have” holiday items for sale. I have made more “Jill in a Bottle” flash drives with over 150 songs. And, I am burning for order homemade holiday CDs with my holiday hits (“Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner”, “Merry Xmas from the Family”, et) and 8 mystery cuts. Each item includes…a signed dreidel!     Don’t ignore the “War on Hanukah” and get these limited editions at my... Read More



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