St Francis – Unreleased Odd Ball Songs

I am seeing the Pope! Pope Francis! My pal, Yves, won the Central Park Procession Pope Lottery and asked me to be his plus one. I happily accepted. Yes, I know I’m Jewish, but I did have to go to a Catholic girls school for four years. I think that makes me an honorary member of the Church. And, I actually have a bit of a crush on this pope. He’s kind of a radical (the conservative Catholics are having a fit) and he took the name of my favorite saint, “Francis... Read More

Sid Gold’s, Merch, and the Pope

What are you doing September the 25th? If you’re like me, you somehow won the lottery to go to the Pope’s Central Park Procession. If you didn’t win tickets, you can join me later that evening at another fun night at Sid Gold’s Request Room. This time we are calling it a “variety show”. I will have surprise guests, and maybe a juggler! And like last time, I will pass around my songbooks so you can sing with me, if you so desire. Plus, after... Read More



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