Sid Gold’s Request Room and More! I’m the NYC!

Jill Sobule Live at Sid Gold’s Request Room On Sept. 3rd, If I was you, I would head over to  Sid Gold’s Request Room, in Chelsea, for an evening of unforgettable music and (possibly drunken) mirth. Not only will you hear yours truly sing a set of her original numbers, but you can stick around afterwards to show off your very own vocal prowess  Joe McGinty, the proprietor of the joint, will man the piano to take your request. Doesn’t this sound like a good... Read More

On Team Bernie

I met Bernie last night. I would love to hear from you all on your thoughts. I know I have fans and friends that span the political spectrum. I’ve always wanted to have a forum where folks can talk with respect to each other. Not sure this is the right place, maybe my Facebook is better, but what do you say? On the music front, I’m taking time to write, so I didn’t book shows for the Fall. However, I miss playing already, and I have things to say. So…let’s... Read More



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