You Better Not Kill in Texas

   You Better Not Kill In Texas  Originally written about the Lone Star State’s love of the death penalty. But this also could apply to some folks (especially those in the minority community) who make minor traffic violations. If you’re upset at your loved ones Or you’re just mad at mankind Or you just need some money Or the great horned one gave you a sign Well, you can go... Read More

Cowgirl Sounding Songs

There is a wonderful playwright whose brand new play I just read. The hero or heroine is an androgynous cowgirl who lives in the vast plains of Pittsburgh. I want to make a musical of it. I just sent her some of my songs that have sort of, what could be considered, a cowboy sound. I was just listening to them – I never listen to myself I think it is a swell collection, if I may say. You Better Not Kill in Texas You... Read More

Blonde on Blonde on Blonde

Last Minute Show! This Friday, I’m at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on a double bill with the fab Tammy Faye Starlite, who will be doing her  hilarious and rude 1979 Marianne Faithfull performance. Good times!    Read More



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