What Are You Doing Next Tuesday at 6 (PST)?

Do you have plans Tuesday the 26th at 6:00 (PST)? If not and you have nothing better to do, I will be putting on an online show from my laptop atop a card table probably in my living room. I’m thinking a combination of a poorly filmed public access, mixed in with, say, Mr. Rogers. I will sing a few songs, and take your requests – as long as they are songs I know. A couple of friends and neighbors friends will come by and hopefully sing a song. Can we say Garfunkel and... Read More

I’m “The Huff Post Show Musical Correspondent”

I’ll will be back  for the May 8th show. What should the next song be about? Also, if you want to see me play that song and more soon, I’m going to do a show live from the couch in my living room. All you have to do is go on the link below, sign in, and I’ll be on your Internets Tuesday 6:00 (PST) https://www.stageit.com/jill_sobule/last_minute_show_from_my_living_room_couch/46492  Read More

Learn to Play “When They Say We Want Our America Back, What The Fuck Do They Mean?”

  Here is Tom Morello befuddled by the G-chord of the song. My store is under construction, but you can still get my terrific Guitar Primer. It includes the chords to my latest “hit” featured on Huff Post Show. Oh, I’ve also reordered “The Jill Drive”. It’s got over 160 of my songs (including b-sides, live songs, etc)! I’m no young chicken so the quantity of material is not that impressive. But still, I think it’s a bargain xo,... Read More

Latest stuff and photos

                                  In the studio with Jackson Browne, Sara Watkins, Dave Palmer,and Dave Carpenter. I invited an audience of 30 to give it a live feel. I like to see smiling or weeping faces. And applause is always welcome. Sara is a monster – she is such an incredible singer and player. Jackson? He is as generous and sweet as you would wish. And still makes us swoon.                         Yesterday,... Read More

Tonight on Huff Post Live

The Huffington Post is now doing a weekly news/comedy show. I’m the “musical correspondent”. Here’s some scenes from rehearsal – from Roy Sekoff’s (my pal and co-host) instagram.  Read More



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