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First of all, our Little Tiger, the magical dog-like cat, fell off the roof hunting the strange prehistoric-looking wooly moths that seem to be very much in season. Tiger lived fast and died hard -literally. Before I tell the rest of my news, here is a picture of Little Tiger looking quite full of herself next to her portrait.   April 6th and 7th – I am going into Jackson Browne’s studio. I was thinking of inviting in an audience so as  to give it that “live... Read More

RIP Little Tiger

I am outing myself. I am coming clean to you. I never thought I had it in me, not until four years ago. I didn’t ask for it. In the past, I have dismissed and even ridiculed people with the same tendencies, calling them sad and lonely, destined for a Grey Gardens ending. I am truly sorry. How did this all begin? Was it the internet pet porn? The zillions of cute Youtubes, GIFs and Vines? Was Keyboard Cat the starter drug? And now I’m all the way up to interspecies love. Have... Read More



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