A Live Online Concert Thursday with Surprise Guests and Mahjong!!

Do you have plans Thursday the 26th at 6:00 (PST)? If not and you have nothing better to do, I will be putting on an online show from my laptop atop a card table probably in my living room. I’m thinking a combination of a poorly filmed public access, mixed in with, say, Mr. Rogers. I will sing a few songs, have exciting talented guests pop in, bring in a string quartet, and…my mom, who happens to be in town, might just give us all a tutorial in…Mahjong! Among... Read More

Be Mine- and a song.

  http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/10-Bloody-Valentine1.mp3 Here’s “Bloody Valentine” off my “California Years” record. The night before the dreaded Valentine card exchange, I decided go ahead and give Robbie Naiman the biggest card from the Woolworth box. And he also was the only one to ¬†have it scotch-taped with a candy heart (“Be Mine”) and heart-shaped lollypop (also “Be Mine”). I wasn’t in... Read More

Playing Largo with Gaby Moreno, David Garza, The Songbirds, and Van Dyke Parks!

  Love David Garza. I am a huge fangirl of Gaby Moreno. And worship Van Dyke Parks! I don’t know who the Songbirds are, but I bet they are great.  Read More



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