The “Jill Drive”

   THE JILL DRIVE I was a little late in getting this together for the holidays, but here is really swell idea for someone who really likes, or potentially likes, my music. It includes all my records, rare songs, bootlegs, b-sides, and stuff that I have been too unsure or embarrassed to put out.  Plus, the flash drive has a lot more extra space for a bunch of other songs or whatever you have always wanted preserved in a bottle. I know $50 sounds like a lot, but I think... Read More

Merry Christmas to the Family

    In 1996, Atlantic Records asked me to record a Christmas themed song. I wrote and recorded “Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner”. The label did not think it was proper – this was before the “war on christmas” – so I had to come up with another, less…Hebrewish song. A friend introduced me to the amazing Robert Earl Keen song,”Merry Christmas to the Family”. I knew I couldn’t come up with anything better. The video was filmed at the video director’s... Read More

My Holiday Classic-Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner

                       “Light the Menorah, tinsel the tree, give thanks to the Wise Men and the Maccabees”                                                             JESUS WAS A DREIDEL SPINNER Jesus was a dreidel spinner And this we can’t forget Paul was Saul before he was Paul and the last supper was a seder Jesus was a dreidel spinner And... Read More

Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year

  Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year   It took me until 2007 to make any major paper’s “top ten” music list. It wasn’t a proper “best of” but rather, even better…I made number ten in Entertainment Weekly’s list of “100 Christmas Bummers”! It was a list of the most depressing holiday songs. Numero Uno was Judy Garland’s “Have Yourself a Merry... Read More



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