I was a Double Jeopardy Question/Answer Yesterday! I have made it!

  I have finally made it! And this is really going to kickstart the singer named Katy Perry’s career.  Read More

Crybabies – The Theme Song

The Theme From Crybabies http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Jill-Sobule-Cry-Baby-full-theme-2.mp3 (Warning: I listened to a lot of “square” 1960s music before working on this theme song)    You come off so cavalier No ones ever seen you shed a single tear I know that their’s more inside And everyone would probably like you better if you cried Cry baby cry Cry baby cry Cry baby, go ahead and cry Your parents must have fucked you up Left your... Read More

The Theme Song for Crybabies!

                                                                                          The Theme from Crybabies http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Jill-Sobule-Cry-Baby-full-theme-2.mp3 I first met Susan Orleans at this super secret, way  harder to get into than TED, artistic Illuminati type of One World Order get-away. I am not allowed to say who were among the guests, but I am outing Susan. She was there! I was... Read More

Victoria Jackson’s rebuttal to “When They Say We Want Our America Back”

Last month, Victoria (SNL alum, now tea party nutter) saw the Jill and Julia video for the first time. She had opinions. The best part for me was her response to the song “When They Say We Want Our America Back, What The Fuck Do They Mean?”. I would like to add that I think Victoria is probably a nice person and means well, but… . Anyway, here are the original lyrics and a live version from Joe’s Pub with my band…Dinah Shore Jr.! http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/America-Back-dpMix1.mp3 When... Read More

ABWA -The Video! For the 65th Anniversary!

  For those that don’t know the back story,  I made, with the help of twelve incredible authors, a record about an old charm bracelet. The original owner of the bracelet  is still a big mystery. The biggest clue we have is embossed  on a small round charm. She was born in 1925 and her name is Dorothy – but we like to call her…Dottie. The other clue among the 20 other dangling pewter charms is a union logo with the letters ABWA. After not much Googling research,... Read More



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