Victoria Jackson writes a response to “Somewhere in New Mexico”

                                                                           Somewhere in New Mexico As wacky and fringe as Victoria Jackson is, I really can’t dislike her. In fact, my heart kind of goes out to her. I believe she really truly believes that stuff she says she believes. And I don’t think, in reality, she does any true harm –... Read More

The No-Sides (unreleased songs): The Rapture

I wrote this after talking to a couple of nice true believers on a Rapture Ready forum. I don’t know why I decided that the song should have an early 1970s “Up With People” vibe, but it does. What if I’m wrong And what if you’re right? And what if there is an intelligent design? When the day comes and judgment begins Will I be left behind? But what if I’m right And... Read More

House Concert Revolution and More

  Here’s the latest: House Concerts Revolution   So, I’m taking the rest of the year to slow down, take stock, write, and think about the next adventure. I even deliberately made my touring schedule light, because I’m not one of those artists who can write and be productive on the road. I hate those people. When I’m on tour, I usually find myself partying alone after a gig with an old “Law and Order” episode. It’s a good time. But yesterday, when I saw all... Read More

“Sweetheart” with John Doe (Lyrics with Kim Dickens & Robin Eaton) “Sweetheart” is on my California Years record. I wrote this little love song about a mistreated waitress with my pal, Robin Eaton, and Kim Dickens (yes, Joanie Stubbs from Deadwood, and Detective Boney in Gone Girl). I asked John Doe to sing it with me. How does such a fierce punk rock god have such a beautiful dreamy romantic voice? SWEETHEART If I was your sweetheart and you were my darling I’d... Read More

I forgot. Here is the most lesbian song in my catalog: “I Saw a Cop”   I SAW A COP Well I saw a cop and she pulled me over Well I saw a cop and she pulled me over She asked for my ID and proof of ownership She had on dark aviators She had on dark aviators Her pants were tucked inside her leather boots I was goin’ really fast Shoulda known it couldn’t last Shoulda known when everyone slowed down Well I saw a cop and she pulled me over Well I saw a cop and she... Read More

Gayish Back Catalog Songs for National Coming Out Day! Once in a while, maybe once a month, I’ll type my name on the Twitter to see what folks have to say. It’s not really the best use of time, and it can be a gamble for those of thin skin. However, it’s totally worth it when I read a tweet where someone mentions that the (ye olde) “I Kissed a Girl”... Read More



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