Hardly Known Back Catalog Song of the Day: Shoreline

http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/09-Shoreline.m4a   I wrote this with a fresh young talented singer-songwriter named Chris Sheehan back maybe 12 years ago? We were at Chris (Squeeze) Difford’s writing retreat in Ireland. Lot’s of drinking and mirth was involved, so it was curious that we wrote such a somber song. I love his voice on this track. Here’s the the original demo. Chris wanted to call it “Death in Venice”. I thought... Read More

Old Song of the Day: a troubled Spider-Man

SPIDER- MAN http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/01-Spiderman.mp3 “Super-heroes  at a Chic-Fil-A in Hollywood” I just read the news about the unfriendly Times Square Spider-Man who punched a cop. Well, I have always been suspect yet  fascinated by the costumed panhandlers. Here’s a song from  “California Years” about what I imagine the life of one (Grauman’s Chinese Theater) Spider-Man. Say, will someone do a fun video of this... Read More

My Goth Cockatoo phase…

 Read More

wake and bake and jill sobule Rock Me to Sleep cover

  It’s such an honor when someone covers one of your songs. And, it’s even bigger honor when they are getting completely stoned while doing it – and remembering all the words.I just now saw this 2009 cover of my song “Rock Me To Sleep” . Why didn’t anyone tell me before? Her name is Jah Bless. And I kind of love her. Here is my version http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/12-Rock-Me-To-Sleep.mp3   Jah Bless, if you are... Read More

Old Song of the Day – Sold My Soul (and nothing happened)

                                           SOLD MY SOUL http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/13-Sold-My-Soul.mp3   I feel like an outline Where the middle part is missing And the moonlight is kissing The details away   I feel like a cliffnote To a novel no one can read And I feel like such a phony Like I got ‘em all deceived   And I feel like a punch line Nobody gets I bet that you’re laughing And shaking your head  I sold my soul And... Read More

My first instrument was the drums.

I wanted to marry Ringo Starr. Somehow my parents convinced me guitar was a much better instrument.  Read More

Wedding Ring from Dottie’s Charms with be on the TV Tonight!

                                                                                 WEDDING RING      http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/08-08-Wedding-Ring_M6_eq-1-22-mp3.mp3 Tonight on CBS (I think it’s CBS), the song will be featured somewhere on the show  “Under the Dome”. Now, I’m not sure how much of the song will be played or how low in the mix it will be, but will one of you let me know as I... Read More

Old Song of the Day: Guy Who Doesn’t Get It”

Guy Who Doesn’t Get It  http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/09-Guy-Who-Doesnt-Get-It.mp3                    Can’t you tell that I am dying inside?                    Can’t you hear my muffled cry?                     Do you have to be told a thousand times?                     You’re the guy who doesn’t get it Don’t you know, my life’s a quiet hell? I’m a black hole, I’m an empty shell Does it occur to you,... Read More

Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, NYC, and…Prison

I have a couple of big shows coming up, including: July 18 in Shakopee Minnesota at the Shakopee Women’s Correctional Institute The only way to see this show is if you do something against the law, get convicted and somehow end up in Shakopee. You need to do this all very soon. July 31 in Chicago at The City Winery  I have never been to this City Winery. When I play Chicago it is usually with Julia Sweeney. Maybe I can get her to come and tell a few stories. I  found... Read More

In the dorm…

    In the dorm, first year in college. I was probably singing Neil Young or a terrible self-written knock off of a Neil Young song… I had one of those Lorraine Newman perms. It destroyed my hair.    Read More



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