Old Song of The Day – Bitter

              Here’s the original song from Happy Town : http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/01-Bitter.mp3     And, I’ve got not one, but two different videos of Bitter. The first one was in the movie “Mind the Gap”. I actually was in the film playing the role I was meant to play – an overlooked struggling female singer-songwriter with…a pace maker. The clip here of the song follows a heart... Read More

Old Song of The Day -Houdini’s Box

            Houdini’s Box (from the record)  and Houdini’s Box (live from Central Park with Ethel) http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/05-Houdinis-Box.m4a http://jillsobule.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Houdinis-Box-Live-Delacorte-Theater-Central-Park.mp3 I first recorded Houdini’s Box as a demo on a 4-track cassette Tascam recorder. Then in 1995, I got signed, got a big budget, and started to work on my self-titled... Read More

Dottie’s Charms on Salon

  Salon.com is actually my home page, so you can imagine how excited, totally surprised and kind of nervous I got when my face popped on my browser. I did the interview with Rick Moody more than a month ago. I didn’t know, or maybe I didn’t listen when he told me it was for Salon. Maybe it was because it didn’t seem like an interview at all, but rather a conversation with a brand need friend. He is good at it. Plus, I’m a fangirl and I was actually... Read More

Sobule Comes Alive!

I have a couple of big shows coming up, including: July 31 in Chicago at The City Winery and August 1st at Shank Hall in Milwaukee . But the big show is  August 18th in NYC at the City Winery! I’ll be recording a live record! And taking I’ll be taking your requests. And…if you come from out of the tri-state region, I will buy you a…glass of wine. Let me know. On the Facebook, I asked folks to come up with a good title for the live record, then it deteriorated... Read More

Spiderman LYRICS

Spiderman Lyrics: Bill DeMain, Jill Sobule   I get out of the underground Near Hollywood and Vine I had the whole train to myself No one ever rides I’m in my costume My mask and tights I’m Spiderman I’m Spiderman They’re calling for a lovely day The tourists sure are out And here comes one as I speak To take my photo now His daughter jumps up on my back She wants to climb the walls We’re Spiderman We’re Spiderman I moved... Read More

While You Were Sleeping LYRICS

While You Were Sleeping Lyrics: Bill DeMain, Jill Sobule   While you were sleeping Everything changed Like a prisoner on his first day out Everything changed Fashions are strange The sunlight is blinding While you were hiding Everything changed While you were sleeping I got along As much as I missed you I got along Now that you’re gone Feel I’ve grown two inches And while you were sleeping Everything changed Don’t you know that you are losing... Read More

Mexican Pharmacy LYRICS

Mexican Pharmacy Lyrics: Robin Eaton, Jill Sobule   Right across the border You can almost hear the trumpets playing Maybe it’s the workers Who are building up the wall So take my hand and come with me Past the guards and tower No one will ask for your ID Not with those big blue eyes La la, la la, la la, la, la la, la At the Mexican pharmacy La, la la, la At the Mexican pharmacy A girl is selling Chiclets Yellow, pink, and green We buy some and her brother ... Read More

Bloody Valentine LYRICS

Bloody Valentine Lyrics: Robin Eaton, Jill Sobule   You’re scary, you terrify me I should draw the blinds Do it all the time I keep my love inside We’ll be a bloody valentine You’re lovely I’ve heard such good things And I’ve asked around They tell me that you’re kind But I’m still afraid to find Just a bloody valentine Maybe I’m worried It’ll come back around My hands have been bloodied ‘Cause I knocked... Read More

Wendell Lee LYRICS

Wendell Lee Lyrics: Robin Eaton, Jill Sobule   Hey Wendell, where are you now? I searched online but nothing found I wonder what you done And what you become Wendell, you were the first for me? We were both stoned and seventeen After our date at the Denny’s We got it on, we got it on It didn’t last too long Hey Robin, I typed in your name Nothing came up, so I’m afraid I’ll never know exactly why you broke up with me But it turned out okay ... Read More

League of Failures LYRICS

League of Failures Lyrics: Robin Eaton, Jill Sobule   I once saw it in a book I had God was by my side My name in lights up there on the marquee And God was very proud I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold A dreamer who just won’t wake up I thought I’d plunge into the deepest vein It wasn’t deep enough And I will fall a hundred stories And open up my hand And scatter all my dreams of glory Like seeds upon the land Still have your picture... Read More



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