Dottie’s Charms is out!!!

She’s on the iTunes. She is featured in Beats Music. She is in Harper’s Magazine. And don’t forget she’s even in the New York Times.

And here is the first of three videos made by the wonderful Iranian-American director Sara Zandlieh.

I have to say, I really had no expectations with the record. I have no label, no publicist, etc. But what I do have is great friends and fans who have been helping me get out the word.  I have to especially thank David Hajdu (lyric writer of the ABWA and Mackinac charms) and James Marcus (writer of the Swivel Chair charm) for encouraging me to finish the project. Left to my own devices, I would just be watching re-runs of Mad Men and Doomsday Preppers.

If you are in or near LA, please come to McCabe’s on the 16th. I will be there playing songs from the new record. If you don’t know McCabe’s, it’s actually a guitar shop. It will remind you of an early 1970s folk venue, because it was one, and hasn’t changed.

And… Here is my Dottie Wall of Fame  so far.

Here is Dottie with Matt Groening

10339746_10152393718569100_1357292034833283483_n    Dottie with Ken Perenyl (notorious art forger) and Tim

Jenison who might have figured out Vermmer’s secret.

photo 1-4

Here is Dottie with Dick Fosbury, who invented the

“Fosbury Flop” and won the high jump in ’68.                     And here I am with a bad late 70’s “umbrella” perm.

photo 2-5

photo 1-2




More to come:

Oh don’t forget, if in NYC, to go to a reading of Yentl at Joe’s Pub on the 28th I will be playing with the “Isle of Kleezbos“! They are a six-piece, mostly  female, kick ass Klezmer band!


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