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Does this charm bracelet look familiar to anyone? Anyone’s mom, grandmother, great-great-aunt?

Did you know or hear of anyone named Dorothy? A Dorothy who was probably Jewish, worked in an office, maybe played piano, had a poodle, liked horses and dolphins, took trips to Kentucky, Mackinac Island, and New York City?

Does this sound ¬†familiar at all? If so, I have a big reward waiting. I haven’t figured out what that reward will be, but it will be…big

This charm bracelet, and it’s original owner (who we call Dottie) are the stars of my new record. I know the chances of ever finding out who she was, and what she did with her life, are pretty darn slim, but stranger things have happened.

In the meantime, I have, with the help of eleven acclaimed writers – like Jonathan Lethem, Rick Moody, Mary Jo Salter – tried to come up with her story based on a dozen small cheap pewter charms.

Dottie does not know what streaming, MP3s or even 8-tracks are, so I am releasing the record on vinyl for Record Store Day (April19th). Then on May 5th, it will come out on the digital that all the kids are listening to.

You can also catch a few shows, including a record release at the City Winery on April 24th.

Maybe Dottie will show up?







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