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And I have a new record coming out.  Read More

Pre-order Your Dottie’s Charms on the iTunes and Get Your Yentl on!

  Dottie’s Charms is almost out! In fact, you can pre-order it on the iTunes right now! Would you guys help me to get the word out by Face Tweeting it? Here is a screenshot of it. Please don’t judge me by how messy my desk top is. If you look carefully on the right you can see a photo of Dottie’s bracelet, a picture of my band, and the logo for my yet to be written, fake one-woman musical about Ayn Rand – Aynnie!  All I have is a logo –... Read More

Dottie’s Charms – in New York Times!

Last Friday, there was a nice big piece by David Itzkoff  in the New York Times about the new record. Here she is:  ” The singer-songwriter Jill Sobule used a charm bracelet to inspire lyrics from literary collaborators like Jonathan Lethem. Credit: Stephanie Diani for The New York Times”The deeper an artist gets into her career, the harder it can be for her to find inspiration, as Jill Sobule can tell you.For years, this singer-songwriter had... Read More


It was Christmas morning. Yes, we were Jewish, lit the Hanukah candles, but we  always exchanged the big ticket gifts on December 25th. It just seemed easier. Plus, I think I always knew in my heart that Hanukah was a kind of  unexciting minor holiday hyped up so kids like me wouldn’t feel left out. Anyway, I look ecstatic as I have just unwrapped  “Boogie with Canned Heat”. I don’t quite understand how I even knew  who Canned Heat was.  And “Boogie... Read More

When’s the last time you went to a record store? April 19th!

  It’s Record Store Day on the 19th! In preparation for Record Store Day, I played and spun records at High Fidelity (including “The Odd Couple” theme song with the original lyrics that, thank god, were never used on the show). You can download the podcast here: podcast. Dottie’s Charms, my new record, will be among the new vinyl available on the 19th. Now if you haven’t  dusted off your turntable in years, or your mother gave it away... Read More

Daily Readings (what I wasted my time on today).

I am thinking of going to this monastery in Big Sur for a week. I will not pack my phone, the internets, or my gift of gab. You should really click on the link above – it looks kind of incredible. But before I do, I will try to share daily some of the more interesting blogs or sites I visit. Today, I read a wonderful article from an aging “baby-boomer” in New York Magazine ” 65 -Learning to love middle old age” by Mark Jacobson. I think it made... Read More

Do You Know This Bracelet?

                  Does this charm bracelet look familiar to anyone? Anyone’s mom, grandmother, great-great-aunt? Did you know or hear of anyone named Dorothy? A Dorothy who was probably Jewish, worked in an office, maybe played piano, had a poodle, liked horses and dolphins, took trips to Kentucky, Mackinac Island, and New York City? Does this sound  familiar at all? If so, I have a big reward waiting. I haven’t figured... Read More

more bad iphone art

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