My Holiday hit “Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner”.

“Light the Menorah, tinsel the tree, give thanks to the Wise Men and the Maccabees”   In 6th grade, I had my one and only co-star role in an off-off-Broadway  musical, “Two Girls, Two Holidays”. We had a small, but successful two nights at Carson Elementary in Denver, I  played the challenging role of…”Miss Hanukkah”. I had to explain to Mary Sun, who played Miss Christmas, why oil that lasted eight days was such a big deal. It was... Read More

Fran’s Five Questions for Jill Sobule (Video)

    Jill is visited by her blogger friend Fran Blanche at The Jill and Julia show at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, Delaware, where the two discuss life on the road, Brooklyn, Jill’s future plans, port wine, and much more.  Read More

Signed Wooden Hanukkah Dreidels, Jill and Julia on the Youtube, Trains, and Songwriters Camp on the Mississippi Delta

  My best offering ever! Signed old-timey wooden Hanukkah dreidels. And…with my best-selling guitar sing-a -long book! Even if you are not Jewish and don’t play guitar, it’s still a smart Holiday choice for some reason. Hanukkah (a minor holiday kind of  hyped up so Jewish kids could get presents too) comes around really early this year. It falls on Thanksgiving.  I like the combo. It’s Thanksgivukkah! Also, if you want a journal book with your... Read More

Watch The Jill and Julia Show Movie for Free (Limited Time)

For a limited time you can stream the Jill and Julia Show Movie for free below. Also, don’t forget that Jill and Julia will be on a farewell tour from November 20th to the 22nd. For info and tickets to each show you can click here. If you would like to own your own copy of the Jill and Julia Movie, you can purchase it for $5 by going to the Jill and Julia show website here.  Read More



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