The Jill and Julia Farewell Tour (at least for a couple of years)

  Julia has decided that she doesn’t want to perform anymore. At least until Mulan, her daughter, is out of high school. She wants, instead, to stay home and just write. Who can blame her? Over the last few years, I have showed Julia the wonders and glamor of being on a “rock and roll” tour. The traveling 7 hours in a mini van, to play 90 minutes for a couple of hundred bucks. The stop at the Cracker Barrel (the only non-fast food place to eat for miles) for... Read More

Halloween Was My Favorite Holiday, But In These Last Few Years

A few years ago, I was asked to write a song about Halloween for an NPR show called Bryant Park. It was just the beginning of what has become known as the “sluttification” of Halloween. After it aired, I got some complaints from a couple of snarky commenters that I was being prickly and puritanical. I responded that I was not so much concerned about the sexual overtones – although it is a bit disturbing when a young girl gets all Jon Benet – but rather... Read More

Jill and Julia Mountain Stage Broadcast

Tune in to your local Mountain Stage affiliate this week to hear a broadcast of Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney’s set from Mountain Stage in Grand Marais, Minnesota. For a listing of Mountain Stage affiliates and air times, click the link below:  Read More

John Doe, Future of Music, Jail Guitar Doors…and Prison. Oh, more Jill and Julia

  On October 23rd, I’m at Largo in LA with John Doe. And again in San Rafael on the 25th at the fab Marin Academy. John and I will be trading songs. John prefers that I play electric on a few of his, so I am bringing out the pedal board. There is something not quite right about playing a heavy black Les Paul with a teeny little amp from the 50s, but I am going to do it. Then on the 26th, I fly to DC to meet my personal hero, Wayne Kramer, and his all-star “Jail... Read More

Guilty Pleasure Cover -Never My Love -Live With John Doe

Never My Love For some reason, I have been suffering, in the last month or so, from a bad case of early childhood nostalgia. Last night, I wasted 2 hours on YouTube looking at toy ads from the 60s and 70s. I forgot all about the Water Wiggle – a neighbor kid lost his eye with the Water Wiggle.  I saw my favorite toy  on Ebay- a spy camera that turns into a gun. It went for $400!  I liked spy stuff, hated dolls, and pretended the Water Wiggle was Nazi to be shot down.... Read More

Jill and John Doe at Largo in LA on the 23rd

I first met John Doe in 1995. I was to open for his band, X, on their “Unclogged Tour”. The idea of playing a thirty minute solo acoustic set before the legendary West Coast punk band seemed quite…frightening. How would their fans react? Would they spit and throw things on me, or worse…not pay any attention?  But more importantly, would X like or tolerate me? I was a big fangirl. I loved the lyrics, the politics, the amazing (and still can’t figure... Read More



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