Shows Shows Shows!! Next Week in Boston, Northampton & Saratoga Springs!

  On the 2nd- 4th, I’ll be all by myself, no Julia Sweeney, no band. Which means I can play whatever I want. And, I’ll take your request. You might want to leave a message here, as I might need to relearn a song or two. Tonight, I am with Julia at the Freedom From Religion Foundation conference. A part of me wants to go all performance art and channel Michelle Shocked (her rant in SF). I think it would probably be a really bad idea. I am looking forward to meeting... Read More

I’m coming to San Francisco

  I am going to be in San Francisco with Julia (Sweeney) on Sep. 19th at the Swedish American Hall. And two days later…slightly tipsy onstage at the Standing Sun Winery in Buellton. Yum! I love San Francisco, have a song called San Francisco, and have not one…but two videos of it. One is in B & W, and shows the band recording live in the  studio. Of course, we already recorded the song, so had to  pretend to be rapt in the midst of music making. I remember... Read More

The Jill & Julia Show (with song) and…The Jill & John Doe Show (with video) and More

This week, I’m off to Grand Marais (for Mountain Stage), Seattle, and Portland this week for… The Jill and Julia Show. I was just looking for a video to put up of us, and found the end-credit song to Julia’s Fabulous “Letting Go of God” Movie. We wrote the song together and recorded it in the B-room of Henson studios – same place where Joni recorded “Blue”, Carole did “Tapestry”, and…where Bruce’s veins were popping singing “We Are the World”. We had... Read More

The Last Show at WTC

I think it might have been the last show there before September 11th.  For good reason, and as you can see, I felt like a cocktail shrimp under the tower. It was a  quite intimidating. I remember debuting the song, “Jetpack” and ending the set with a kind of Balkan version of “I Will Survive”. A couple of weeks later, I was across the bridge in Brooklyn watching the second tower burst into flames. I was in complete denial, arguing with friends how I... Read More



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