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Jill & Julia on tour, Yentl, a charm bracelet and…your advice and feedback.

  I can’t get enough of Julia Sweeney. I love hanging out with her, riding in the car for 5 hours to the next destination – she has the best stories. So…I book us some gigs and we’ll be there.  In September, we are playing San Fancisco, Seattle, Portland, Madison and…Gran Marais, Minnesota. In addition, I have some solo shows, starting with McCabe’s Sept. 6 in Santa Monica.     Yentl at the Asolo Theater in 2011 If you are in or near NYC October... Read More

Dottie’s Charms

I have this old retro charm bracelet that my pal Marykate gave me years ago. It was one of those gifts that you put away in some shoebox full of other  items that you don’t give or throw away, cause that would be… rude. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I took it out and found not just merit, but fascination. Who was the original charm bracelet wearer? Well, we know her name was Dorothy, as there is a round charm with an engraved Dorothy – I call her Dottie now.... Read More

Pictures from the festival

Here are pictures of the festival in Michigan, as well as the scary hotel they put me up at. I modified a few to make holiday greeting cards for you.  Here was the prop for the Madonna cover. It was a combo Mel Gibson’s Passion and  1970s woman’s lib Joan of Arc.   Amazing musicians and performers, including Vicki Randle,Laura Love, Julie Wolf, Betty, etc.. Now there has been controversy over the last few years with the transgender community. It’s just... Read More

A couple of the songs that you can play in my song book. Jet Pack & Houdini’s Box

  Houdini’s Box – off my self-titled record. People always think it must be a difficult song to play, but it is so simple     Jetpack – many have asked me how to play it. The trick is the capo on the second fret.    Read More



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