More famous shredders learning how to play my songs

Here is Wayne Kramer, of MC5 “Kick Out The Jams (mother fuckers)”  fame. It seems like he’s really enjoying learning how to play the D chord. Notice how he holds his glasses- very sexy and professorial. Wayne is also, by the way,  co-founder (with Billy Bragg) of Jail Guitar Doors.  Please check out the link – they do such good work in the prisons, as well as raise awareness of the need for prison reform. I’m going to play their fundraiser at... Read More

Famous Shredders Learning My Songs

  I sent my guitar songbook to my favorite guitar players in the world. Here my friend, Tom Morello aka The Nightwatchman, is befuddled by the G, C, and D of  “I Kissed a Girl” This is all for an excuse to advertise the book which you can buy at Even if you don’t know my songs, care to, or play guitar, it’s a good looking book.  Read More

B-side or rarity song of the day – “Goodnight My Love Goodnight”

I wrote this little vicious ditty after finding out my beloved at the time was a big cheater.  And cheated on me with another singer-songwriter – and not nearly as talented, if I may say so. Good Night My Love, Good Night The last verse where I “cut the few locks you still have on on your head” from the sleeping ex, must have been inspired by Shel Silverstein’s satirical alphabet book, Uncle Shelby’s ABZs. I think it really was the first book I read.... Read More

It’s Bobbie Gentry’s B-day today

  “I was the baby who was thrown off the Tallahatchie Bridge” I am fantasizing, at this moment in fact, that she is reading this. Yes, Bobbie Gentry has disappeared from the public eye. She went all Garbo. But today, on her birthday, she decides for the heck of it to Google her own name. And lo and behold, my blog update is the first to pop up. She then clicks on the link to the song I wrote about her – “Where Is Bobbie Gentry?” . She really likes... Read More

We Need a New Band Name!

I was in Palm Springs for a TED conference a couple of years ago and put together the most amazing makeshift band  consisting of:  Tom Morello, Wendy and Lisa, and St Vincent. Not only did I come up with an amazing band, but I came up with an even more amazing band name…”Dinah Shore Jr.” . See the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament seemed to be around the same time. Why waste a good band name on one night? So when I got together with 3 girls from NYC this year, I... Read More

Jill and Julia on Huff Post Live!

Jill and Julia on Huff Post Live!  Check out the conversation with Jill and Julia and a performance of “When They Say we Want our America Back” … HERE!    Read More

The Jill And Julia Show Live! In Person And On Your Internets!

If you can’t go to one of our  shows this month, you can now watch it for only…$5 in the comfort of your own home! Why worry about parking near the venue, or what to wear? And no drink minimum. Although drinking could help. This  performance  was filmed at Space in Chicago earlier this year.  Check it out in the link below: The Jill and Julia Show       Read More



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