Get Your Signed Music Books! 4 more days!

                      I’ve had several request to sign the “Jill Sobule Guitar Primer” songbook. I am off again Monday for the Jill & Julia tour, but can surely sign and write anything you want on the books beforehand. The book includes 15 of “the hits” Email my lovely assistant Julia at for your request and prompt delivery.    Read More

The Jill & Julia Show July Tour!!

We are coming in a van hopefully to one of your cities. The tour starts in Chicago at the City Winery on the 3rd and ends in NYC at the Highline Ballroom on the 11th. Mulan, Julia’s now famous daughter, will be manning the merch booth. Good times!  Read More

Angel/Asshole – a sympathetic song for the one that does the breaking up

On tour last week, I started playing “Angel/Asshole”. It is one of the only songs I know of that deals with the plight of “the dumper”,  “the leaver”…the asshole. For some reason, people have been requesting it lately. So here I offer it free for all of you misunderstood heartbreakers. Angel/Asshole The song is on both the Folk Years 2003-2003 and Underdog Victorious, which are available in my store.    Read More

Playing where Woodstock was with the guys who played Woodstock

       Here I am with Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen in Bethel, NY – the site of the Woodstock. I opened the show, then they brought me up during their encore. We are playing “Bobbie Gentry” Jorma told me he hadn’t been in the area since the festival.    There is Jack at Woodstock, and Jorma (I think a couple years earlier) with a really  good beatnik look.   By the way, I  loved being on tour with them and still amazed that they asked... Read More

An iphone painting I did of my dress…

 Read More

Our beautiful Times Square leads

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Robin and Me at a Times Square rehearsal…

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What my guitar is looking like these days…

 MY GEAR: Vagabond Travel Guitar & Swollen Pickle  Read More

Playing Bobbie Gentry with Hot Tuna

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My Song Book with Chords and Everything

At least once a week, I get a request from a gee-tar playing fan for the chords to one of my songs. I do my best but am neither quick nor skilled at making charts.  So I finally went on the Facebook and asked if any of my “friends” would volunteer to transcribe some of my most requested songs.  A swell guy named Bob Sauler came to the rescue and did a bang-up job in record time.  My pal Susan McEowen designed the magnificent cover. I am delighted to announce... Read More



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