House Concert Revolution!

  I’m having quite a busy Summer  with my “off-off-off Broadway musical”, a June stint with Hot Tuna (yes that youngster band) followed by  a Jill & Julia tour. In August things slows down, and I will have to take time off to recover from all the decadence those two rock n roll tours will lavish upon me. Maybe, I’m still fantasizing about all the drugs and sex I will have hanging with ex-members of the Jefferson Airplane…40 years in the... Read More

It’s my pal Marykate’s b-day ! She’s in her “prime time”

Here she is with her very own song, “Prime Time”. It’s from the fab 2002  record Marykate O’Neil”. I was there to add some good time Monkees feel. Happy Birthday MKO   Prime Time  Read More

EG and me.

 Read More

Times Square June 1st and 4th and more Shows!

Do any of you remember that really good/bad 1980 movie, Times Square? You probably don’t, or  vaguely remember it for the great soundtrack record that included, The Ramones, Talking Heads, and Roxy Music. The movie sort of has cult status now, but at the time…was a big bust. I am friends with the original writers and director now, and they have great war stories. I think there was a lot of cocaine involved. Anyway, I am involved in Times Square…The Musical!... Read More

Songs That I Sang at EG and TEDMED

I got a few request from conference goers to put up the songs I sang: Well, here is a demo of: “When They Say Want Our America Back,Our America Back,Our America Back,What The Fuck Does That Mean?” I performed that at…The friggin’ Kennedy Center! The good folks at TEDMED are pretty careful about what goes out onstage. They prepare the speakers, and are pretty sure what and how they will present. They forgot to ask me what I was going to sing. Then later... Read More



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