McCabe’s April 6th! A Jill and Julia movie! And April Fool’s Big Band! And More!

  April 1st – I’ll sing a few numbers with Steve Weisberg & His Orchestra Appreciation Society at Typhoon in the  Santa  Monica airport. Steve takes some of my “classics” and arranges them for his 17-piece band -really beautiful versions of “Bitter” and “Barren Egg”. It’s an odd places and a wonderfully odd evening. April 6th – I’m back at McCabe’s, one of my favorite guitar shops. If you are... Read More

Songs for the Gay Agenda on a Supreme Court day

  When I first got signed to my first record company in 1990, I remember sitting around the conference table with all the marketing and publicity folk, when one of them announced, “have to say, it’s great to have on our label a female singer-songwriter who isn’t a lesbian for a change.” Everyone laughed while I was all, “glad I didn’t walk in wearing  my Michigan Womyn’s (with a y) Festival t-shirt.” Remember, this was way... Read More

Prozak and the Platypus

Prozak and the Platypus was my very first “off off off” Broadway venture. It’s the story of an American scientist in Australia studying the sleep patterns of a singing Platypus named Frankie, his troubled goth drug taking daughter, a dead wife, and a socially awkward  lab assistant. And it  it chock full of science. Now at first glance this description does not feel like a Tony contender, or the next Legally Blond, the musical.  Yet, this strange dark fantastical... Read More

March Concerts! Jill, Julia, Mark Twain, and the Milk Carton Kids

    March 15 – I’m playing an “open to the public” house concert in Freehold, NJ. I have done it before and it is pretty intimate and special. And, I will be accompanied by Alex Nolen, gee-tarist from Dinah Shore Jr.     March 16th  – Have you ever toured the Mark Twain House in Hartford? It was one of my favorite things to do last year. Well,you can take the tour and afterwards…see a Jill and Julia (Sweeney) Show!  Above... Read More

Your Requested Songs – And I Name You!

Yesterday, I asked folks on the Facebook what songs of mine they would like me to post. There were a ton of request, but I’ll start with a couple. “Sold My Soul” , requested by Liz Vesper, is one of my more depressingly existential songs. “Joey”, requested by  Neil Rosengarden and Peter Fields, of course is about that semi-tragic 60s bombshell, Joey Heatherton. “Claire” was written for an actual woman named Claire (I never change names).... Read More



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