Palm Springs: The song I sang at TEDactive this week – just in case anyone wants to hear it again.

I have been going TED since 2000, back before you could watch TED talks on Delta, and back when it was in under one roof in Monterey. I always wait for that call or email that says, “Jill, we would love you to come back this year.” I sing for my supper. Over the last 6 years, I have gone to TEDactive -the less fancy, cheaper, but way more fun and looser TED that takes place in Palm Springs. I performed the song “Palm Springs” the first year, and again... Read More

Birds, Music, and the Brain on the NPR

  My favorite new duet: A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied Columbia University neuroscientist, Sarah Wooley, at a talk she gave on her research on birdsongs and the brain (something like that). The audience consisted of mostly of smarty-pants academics and alumni – quite different from the crowd I played to when I opened up once for Godsmack. We were featured on NPR yesterday on WNYC and “All Things Considered” Check out the piece. She does an amazing... Read More

Barren Egg -Back Catalog Song of the Day

  When They Ask Me if I Have Any Kids, I Say…”None That I Know Of” At the age of 36, a shrink told me that I would deeply regret not having any children, and I better get a hop on it. This was the same one, by the way, that shortly after quitting, called me up for a date. He always felt I was totally straight, and it was okay to go out it since I was not his client anymore. Creepy pants. For about…a week, I started questioning my non-urge to have... Read More

The New York State Thruway Project

  There are so many deserving struggling and semi-struggling artists to help out. How do you choose?  Well. I’m pimping my friend Norm’s project. It’s a worthy one.  Check it out: THE NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY PROJECT    Read More

Big Shoes – Back Catalog Song of the Day

                                                                      “My feet they came out funny” Listen here if you would like:  Big Shoes I was born severely  pigeon-toed. I spent my early childhood  (until 6th grade) in casts, braces, and really really ugly big corrective shoes. Ever since I started playing “Big Shoes”, I’ve had so many people come up to tell me how they experienced the same thing –... Read More



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