Religious Back Catalog Songs of the Day

  After the release of I Kissed a Girl (the original ye olde 1995 version), I was bombarded by folks on the religious right who thought that I was Satan’s sporty little sister. I thought the only way to defend myself was with a little understanding, humor and song. Here is a little 1:35 minute song off of Underdog Victorious :                                                                                              ... Read More

Upcoming Shows with Sex Mob, Dinah Shore Jr., Julia Sweeney and …Hot Tuna?

                                                                                                               with Sex Mob On February 15th, I come back to my old neighborhood to play Union Hall in Brooklyn. My backup band will be the amazing…SEX MOB with Steve Bernstein on the slide trumpet. I will be going a little avant garde, downtown, 1997, Knitting Factory. Dinah Shore Jr. at a Pussy Riot benefit February  17th,... Read More

Back Catalog Song of Day – Manhattan in January (with Ethel)

In honor of the hottest year on record, I am posting a song that I wrote in 2006 for the  TED Conference introducing Al Gore. Here is a version of the song I did in the studio with my pals, Ethel on the strings. Listen here:  manhattan in january (with Ethel)    Read More

A New Song And a Bunch of pictures!

 I PUT MY HEADPHONES ON I shouldn’t be posting an unmixed song, but why not. This song, co-writen with Robin Eaton, is one of the first songs in the musical. The misfit, troubled, lonely Pammy only finds solace in her favorite 1970s late night radio DJ, Johnny. I relate very much to the song. By the way, I did most this track on my iPad in the car on my way to San Francisco. I wasn’t driving. If you guys wanna hear more, email me, or comment here, and  I will... Read More

Back by Semi-Popular Demand -my board mix tape from Joe’s Pub 2008

I googled my name and live show, and this is (above) what came up first. I kind of love that someone did this. I have had several request to bring back the old Joe’s board mix online. So here it is: I recorded the latest Joe’s Pub show from a few months ago, and will put it up soon. It is with my fab band, “Dinah Shore Jr.”. In the meantime, I have a song up from that show called , “Filthy Little... Read More

What if Kafka, Poe, or God had meds? – “Modern Drugs”

I wrote this as an assignment. I was asked to come up with something that would appeal to the attendees at this medical conference. Knowing there were a lot of pharmaceutical execs, I thought this would be amusing. They have not asked me back to attend and sing next year. For the heck, I sang this at Joe’s Pub a few months ago.   Listen here: Modern Drugs -live at Joe’s Pub 2012   My friends, they’ve been so worried Because I’ve been so blue They want... Read More

Happy Damn New Year Everyone

     Read More



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