Where is Bobbie Gentry? Back Catalog Song of the Day

  Listen Here: Where Is Bobbie Gentry?   Out in the desert where the sun slowly cures deep brown She’s got a little shack, a pickup truck Parked out on the edge of town It’s just what I imagined, no one knows where she’d be Maybe she’s in heaven passing black-eyed peas Where is Bobbie Gentry? Where is Bobbie Gentry? Up in Alaska, Hollywood, or maybe in Japan I bet that she’s still beautiful, goes barefoot everywhere she can Does she still... Read More

Good Life

Here’s a happy song about the end of the world. Robin Eaton, the dapper gentleman in the video, and I wrote this song not realizing the world was going to end this very day. Good Life Tomorrow the ground may shake Like they said it was bound to happen one day And the Hollywood sign will fall The final call Well, don’t you fret and don’t be blue You had me and I had you It was a good life It was a good, good life Tomorrow we could all be gone When the Russian... Read More

Soldiers of Christ -Back Catalog Song of the Day

How many songs name drops Cain and Abel, and the NRA?  It’s from the 1997 record, Happy Town. Listen here: Soldiers Of Christ Our Lord loves the family, our Lord loves the saved Our Lord loves the unborn babies and the NRA Our Lord hates the liberals, the ******s, and their friends We’re soldiers of Christ and we’re here to defend The way it used to be The way it ought to be The way it’s going to be again In the days of Cain and Abel In the days of the... Read More

Warren Zevon singing (the ye olde) “I Kissed a Girl”.

My friend found an old bootleg CD of a Warren Zevon concert from 2000. Included were songs from the opening act. Warren always used to like to come out and sing, “I Kissed a Girl” with me. There was something so absurd and wonderful about his jaded pirate voice on the song.  I think over the holiday, I may have to write about my time with him on the road – we did two tours together. I had the best time. He was the curmudgeon with a heart of gold. Here it is,... Read More

Happy Holidays at THE JILL STORE

  Check it out at The Jill Store!  How about surprising your loved one with a Jill Holiday  CD, journal book with her favorite lyric, or…a signed DREIDEL? Last year, the journal book, where I handwrite your favorite lyric of mine with my crappy shaky penmanship, was a big holiday hit. Where else can you here my version of “Merry Christmas to the Family”…except as a free download And what about pink vinyl? How about that?   Check it out at The Jill... Read More

Merry Xmas From The Family

Merry Christmas From the Family I recorded this fab Robert Earl Keen song in 1996. At the time, Atlantic records had asked me to come up with a holiday song. I wrote the Hanukah hit, “Jesus Was a Dreidel Spinner”. The folks at the label, did not like it one bit, so I had to come up with something last minute. A friend then played me “Merry Christmas from the Family”, and I knew that I had to cover it. While recording the song, I made everyone drink whiskey... Read More



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