Back Catalog Song of the Day – Theme From Girl in the Affair

  I was listening to a bunch of bossa nova, and had just learned how to play Aguas de Marco (Waters of March). I was very smitten by all the new fancy chords I now knew. At the same time, and don’t think less of me, I was on a Lifetime movie binge. After I’d come back to the hotel after a show, what would be better partying than watching Meredith Baxter playing Betty Broderick – the woman who killed her ex and his new wife. I especially love the ones where the wife... Read More

When My Ship Comes In

(Photo of the TV taken by my normal shaky hands) Someone just asked what it was like to play on Treme. Well, it  was just like any other gig, except I had the most bad-ass band with 6, count em, 6 trombone players – including Trombone Shorty and Antoine Batiste (Wendell Pierce). Also, there were cameras and a fake audience, but the fake audience seemed into it, so they were only sort of fake. It was so exciting! I am a big big fan of the show. I can’t think of... Read More

I’m going to be on HBO’s TREME this Sunday, and more shows!

 I’m going to be on HBO’s Treme this coming Sunday! I love that show. Now it could be for a couple of blinks of the eye, or it could be for the whole song. When I was featured in West Wing, they cut out my only speaking line, “thank you”, after I had rehearsed it in front of the mirror for days prior. On Treme, I am playing my “When My Ship Comes in” with one of my favorite bands, Bonerama, Trombone Shorty, and Wendel Pierce (who is faking... Read More

Denver date change

I mistakingly posted that my Denver Show is on the 22 (Thanksgiving). It is actually on the 24th. xo jill  Read More

Come see me with a 17-piece Orchestra live on the Internets! Also shows in Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco?

San Francisco on November 12: I am playing a set at a fundraiser for my friend, author and film maker, Stephen Elliot. Among the other artists and writers participating will be Lorelei Lee (porn star) and Doc Pop …a yo-yo master! It’s at the Make Out Room. On Your Computer on November 20th at 6:00 (PST): I’m live with a 17-piece band!  My last streaming Stageit concert was a big success. Folks seemed to like the informal aspect – the lack of professionalism.... Read More

On Grant-Lee Phillips podcast today

We talk, we sing, we talk up the election…  Read More



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