PINK PEARL IS NOW AVAILABLE IN PINK VINYL!! ONLY 300 MADE! Get it Now! Get out your turntable, use that disc washer machine, drop the needle, and hear some of those timeless classics as “Mexican Wrestler” and “Rainy Day Parade”. All in beautiful analog (well, after it was recorded digitally, but…). If you don’t have a record player, you still need it. These limited edition LPs make wonderful gifts as well as artwork for your den or party room.... Read More

My band, Dinah Shore, at a Civilian’s show. We played Neil Diamond’s Coming to America” in Pussy riot mask – made no sense whatsoever.

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My pedals and new sneaks. Yes, I am a geek.

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Shana Tova and Joe’s Pub!

Shana Tova and Joe’s Pub! There are a few tickets left for the Joe’s Pub shows on the 18th and 19th. It’s going to be great. I will have my band…Dinah Shore Jr., and Julia Sweeney will make a surprise appearance – now not a surprise. Since, I am working on Rosh Hashanah -I am a bad Jew – I will leave you with my version of a…Sunrise Sunset. Enjoy!    Read More

Lonely shoe last night in the Meatpacking district #ShelikestoParty

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Green Room Interior Decoration

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mr president.

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