1996 in Williamsburg. Kokie’s Place, and a free song from the day, “Freshman”

Freshman mp3 I lived close to the coveted 1st stop on the L train. It was 1997. There were plenty of the hipsters, but they didn’t completely dominate the landscape. There was a great mix of old timers, Poles, Puerto Ricans Lubavitchers, etc.. I’m not quite sure how I would have been categorized, but even if I thought of myself as a hipster, not sure anyone else did. Rents at the time were rising, but still below Manhattan prices. I shared a pretty great one story... Read More

The next time you are asked to play for free…

Lost in all the talk of the decline of major labels and a changing music industry, is the plight of the common blue collar (non-rock star) musician. Like the above exchange, I still get asked a lot to do gigs for free with the incentive of “promoting my music and selling CDs”. And…I do many of them. Last week,I was invited to play an event that was both an awards show and fundraiser- still not sure what they were raising funds for. They offered no pay, but would... Read More

September, September

I have some really good shows coming up, including two nights at Joe’s Pub where I plan to record and video the whole shebang. So, don’t forget to comb your hair, and do not bring your mistress. A few years ago, I filmed a show in Pittsburgh. This fellow, who was sitting in the front row, begged me to cut out audience shots with him as well as the woman he was sort of fondling. It was not, I gathered, his wife. I know that I have been playing mostly on the East... Read More

Liz and me at The Creation Museum

My good friend and subject of the song “Underachiever” (from my Happytown record) went to the…Creation Museum! Walking with the dinosaurs. Liz spent $20 to get this. Here Liz is with a naked Adam and Eve. It was okay to be naked before Eve ruined it all by eating the apple. More Adam and Eve. I did not know that they had blow dryers in Eden. One of the guards really liked my Snoopy for President shirt. I do have to say that the people were really nice at... Read More

floating away…

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tuning with dave-the-bassist

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luna guitar.

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