Jefferson Airplane (not Starship) and me, playing Mexican Wrestler in Prison, and your thoughts.

I know you all just received a newsletter last month, but I have more to say. And I need your help – I always need your help. First on the agenda: Would you like to get away for the weekend and take music classes with former members of Jefferson Airplane (not Starship) and me? On August 10-13, I will be leading a workshop on songwriting at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch in Ohio. Somehow, my class has not been as popular as Jorma’s or Jack Casady’s, so there... Read More

Jail Guitar Doors

Jail Guitar Doors at the California State Prison in Lancaster (with yours truly, Wayne Kramer, Matt Sorum,Corey Parks, Eric Gardner, Phil Ranelin, Carl Restivo and Gilby Clarke)   I have wanted to tell you about one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences playing music that I have ever had. A couple of weeks ago, I went with Jail Guitar Doors to play for around 300 inmates at the maximum-security prison in Lancaster, California. First of all, it was the baddest ass... Read More



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