Pictures and songs from TEDMED

Onstage with my mom singing Big Shoes. It’s a song about how upset I was that my mom made me wear shoes from Jerry’s Orthopedics.  I was born severely pigeon – toed. All the other girls wore loafers and Keds – they didn’t have enough support for me. It was harsh. Ironically, the dreaded ugly ass clunky shoes looked exactly like the boots  I just saw at Barney’s that are going for $850. Elaine (my mom) wrote a rebuttal in “rap” form.


Backstage at the Kennedy Center practicing with the head of the NIH, Francis Collins, on his song about, of course, fighting disease. Not only is Francis a super genius and a good egg, but he can sing and play a pretty mean guitar. I do get pissed, however, when doctors and lawyers can afford to have  fancier instruments than me and most my musician friends. Check out more; here.

I wrote a new song this year for TEDMED called “Modern Drugs”. Haven’t you always wondered what if some of our intellectual and creative icons had access to the latest psychiatric medication? I bet my parents would have force fed me Ritalin if I had been born ten years earlier.

“If Edgar Allen Poe had Prozac he’d look into the sky, hear the little blue birds sing, ‘There’s always more, there’s always more’….

“If Kafka had Abilify he’d be satisfied, turn into a butterfly, perhaps he’d never write…

“If Einstein had been on Ritalin he wouldn’t have flunked sixth grade, he wouldn’t have had that hairdo and he wouldn’t have been on that Apple ad…”

I will try to record a version of this.

While I sang, “Lucy at the Gym”, artist, Regina Holliday, painted this. If you are new to me, hear is a recording of the song – here

Here I am with Chris Price -who recorded his amazing new record all on his Iphone – and Jonathan Mann AKA the song a day man. Jonathan wrote his 1198th song with my mom, “All My Mahjong Friends are Dead”. Check it out here. Serious, if anyone lives in Denver and has a good game going, they should get in touch with Elaine.

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