Pictures and songs from TEDMED

Onstage with my mom singing Big Shoes. It’s a song about how upset I was that my mom made me wear shoes from Jerry’s Orthopedics.  I was born severely pigeon – toed. All the other girls wore loafers and Keds – they didn’t have enough support for me. It was harsh. Ironically, the dreaded ugly ass clunky shoes looked exactly like the boots  I just saw at Barney’s that are going for $850. Elaine (my mom) wrote a rebuttal in “rap” form.   Backstage... Read More

All My Mahjong Friends Are Dead

My friend, Jonathan Mann, writes a song a day. While at TEDMED, he convinced my mom, Elaine, to write song #1198 with him. My mom is healthy and very “with it”. Some of her Mahjong friends…not so much. If any youngsters (under the age of 70) have a game, please let me know.  Read More

TEDMED and Music for Occupy

I just had a Skype session with the Head of the NIH. Why? And why… me? Well, Dr. Collins is one of the keynote speakers at TEDMED this year -TEDMED is the  medical and healthcare related offshoot of TED. And I am the MD (Music Director) of TEDMED. The good doctor not only does things like…discover the human genome and cure diseases, but he also is an amateur folk singer-songwritter.  My job was to work with him on a song. I had two weeks to come up with some great... Read More



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