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2016 House Concerts

        Say, if you have ever dreamt of having an artist of “my caliber”, someone who looks and sounds like me, play in front of your couch or fireplace, here is your chance. My schedule is kind of light. But now I’m finding myself a bit fidgety – I miss playing. I especially love […]


International Women’s Day Jill Swag!

  My friend, Lee, can make you your own Power Fist Dress too! And I bet she’ll make a shirt for you men, if you ask. The chicks will love it. And…you can get the Underdog patch at my store  


Dottie’s Charms Revisted

Not many folks (outside of my fans, family and some literary types) know about the record I put out in the Summer of 2014.  The concept record (concerning a charm bracelet) was launched by Harper’s Magazine.  Oh, the artwork was done by the amazing Molly Crabapple. By the way, I have a limited amount of […]


It’s My Friggin Birthday!

      Here I am explaining American Football to my British cousin with my birthday cake. It’s my birthday today, and I’m telling everyone I’m going to celebrate the rest of the month and then do some shows in February I’ll be back on the East Coast in February for a mini tour of house concerts […]

The Iron Horse, The Rubin Museum and on your Internets

At the Rubin (no mic, no PA, no nothing) I’ll be back on the East Coast in February for a mini tour of house concerts and a couple of club dates. The first public show is  Feb. 4th at one of my favorite joints, The Iron Horse in Northampton. I will hopefully have a new […]


Holidays Newsletter

  Holiday House Concert Revolution  I’m taking the next few months off take stock, write, and pick fan artwork for the “Jill Comes Alive at Budokan or Leeds” live record – that’s just a working title. I deliberately made my touring schedule light so I could do that. But now I’m finding myself a bit […]



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