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Dottie’s Charms – in New York Times!

Last Friday, there was a nice big piece by David Itzkoff  in the New York Times about the new record. Here she is:  ” The singer-songwriter Jill Sobule used a charm bracelet to inspire lyrics from literary collaborators like Jonathan Lethem. Credit: Stephanie Diani for The New York Times”The deeper an artist gets into her career, the [...]


When’s the last time you went to a record store? April 19th!

  It’s Record Store Day on the 19th! In preparation for Record Store Day, I played and spun records at High Fidelity (including “The Odd Couple” theme song with the original lyrics that, thank god, were never used on the show). You can download the podcast here: podcast. Dottie’s Charms, my new record, will be among the new vinyl available [...]

Jill Sobule Album Cover

Dottie’s Charms – A New Record! City Winery on April 24th!

I have a new record coming out! And it’s a…concept record. All the kids, I hear, love the “concept record”  -  I have always felt like I could have been a trendsetter in, say…1966. “Dottie’s Charms” is based on an old charm bracelet that was given to me as a birthday gift almost a decade [...]


“Don’t Let Us Get Sick” on…HBO’s Girls

  I don’t remember where or when this was taken. I don’t know why I have a cap with kitten ears on. Forgive me. Scroll down for an actual mp3. Last Sunday, was watching the Oscars when I got a a bunch of texts saying that they thought they just heard my voice on the [...]


The Shower Sessions: #1 with Marina V & Garfunkel and Oates

        My pal, talented singer-songwriter and Russian ex-patriot, Marina V, translated a version of  (the ye olde) “I Kissed a Girl” in Russian. I thought for the Olympics and all the accompanying Russian homophobia it would be a fun thing to do -sort of Pussy Riot lite. I invited her to come [...]


Song of the Day – In honor of Pete

  This Land Is Your Land In honor of the late great Pete Seeger, here is my version of  ”This Land is Your Land” including the pinko verse we didn’t learn in school. I know it’s a Woody Guthrie song, but I first heard it sung by Pete, so I will always think of him [...]



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